PyChem Roadmap

Here is a to-do list of work that would benefit the project:

(1) the object hierarchy needs to be redesigned so that the app can run on linux

(2) bug testing and fixing, would be good to have info on bugs reported on the bug tracker facility on pychems SF page to keep abreast of what needs to be done

(3) inclusion of new methods - new method objects can be designed almost independently of the main packages and incorporated later, as long as the new class inherits from wx.Panel

(4) documentation - hasn't been properly updated for about 2 years, and loads of changes have taken place since then

(5) icons - i'm just using Tango icons, and one very poor looking icon I drew myself (yuck!), so would be good to have some flash icons native to pychem

(6) missing value interpolation needs to be implemented for MS data

(7) alternative cross-validation methods - n-fold, bootstrap, bagging

(8) permutation testing

(9) neater way of recording metadata would be good, instead of using a spreadsheet type interface